The right know-how


Over a century of know-how for the fruit juice concentrate industry

Working from its sole production site in Aubel, Belgium, since 1902, Siroperie Meurens soon realises that business slows down from January to July, the off-season for fresh fruit.

In order to run a thriving business all year round, the Siroperie therefore starts to diversify its products in the 1970s and launches the dry fruit juice concentrate business.

This means that, from January to July, Siroperie Meurens mainly focuses on the production of dried fruit juice concentrates:


This list is far from being complete. On request and from minimum 20 tons on, we can create other fruit juice concentrates.


Flawless quality

Our first pillar of quality: trust

The family business image that Siroperie Meurens conveys enhances a strong relationship of closeness and mutual trust with its clients and suppliers.

Our second pillar of quality: our bill of specifications

All of our suppliers abide by Belgian and European law. This is why we ask them to sign a quality chart before we add them to our list of suppliers.

Our third quality pillar: IFS and ISO 22000 certificates

Particularly concerned with quality, Siroperie Meurens owns several quality labels that have been acknowledged and awarded by external certifying organisations:
ISO 22000

Qualitative audits from our clients

Do you wish to carry out your very own audit at Siroperie Meurens, despite our quality labels and on-going efforts? No problem, we are ready for you! If you want to, you can even have a look at our suppliers’ sites, they will be happy to welcome you.


100% natural produce

Nothing but fruit! Siroperie Meurens’ recipe is as simple as that. Both fruit syrup spreads and fruit juice concentrates are produced in three simple processes:

The cooking process
The pressing process
The evaporation process

During these three steps, we don’t add one single ingredient: neither chemical additives, nor preservatives, nor colour enhancers. Our products are made of fruit, and nothing but fruit! 100% natural!


Customised packaging

Right from the start at the Aubel factory, Siroperie Meurens offered different types of packaging:

Bag in box 25 kg
Metal keg 270 kg
IBC from 850 to 1 250 kg
Tank truck 25 tons

The specification sheets of all the juice concentrates Meurens produces for the food-processing and parapharmaceutical industry are available in PDF format:

Roasted chicory
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