Fig Paste

Help keep blood pressure down with healthy and tasty fig paste. Its potassium content is proven to cause blood vessels to relax, leading to a reduction in blood pressure.

Fig Paste

Anyone who has or believes they may have chronic issues with high blood pressure should, of course, seek medical advice. It can be the result of many factors, from genetics to stress and bad lifestyle habits such as smoking. In some cases medical treatment will be required and this may be assisted by addressing lifestyle issues. In other cases, simply leading a healthier lifestyle will resolve the issue. In either case, the health benefits of fig paste can prove very useful as it is a convenient and enjoyable way of increasing the amount of potassium in a person’s diet. Scientists have identified that potassium is hugely beneficial in treating high blood pressure.

Fig Paste: What is it and why do We Need it?

Fig Paste is a thick liquid made from boiling dried figs in water. It’s ideal for desserts, pastries, pancakes, and hot beverages. It is incredibly sweet, making it a great substitute for sugar. Since it needs minimal storage, the paste is preferable to storing massive wall of dried figs.

Making the syrup is time-consuming and requires high level concentration to get the right consistency. Sorting the figs for ripe fruit is exhausting enough to keep you from moving to the next steps. The team at Siroperie Meurens ensures that only firm and unscathed fruit make it through the grading process. The figs will be washed before the juicing process.

The Process of Making Fig Paste

The pulp is separated from the seeds and soaked in simmering water for softening. The mixture boils over several hours, allowing the soluble fibers to dissolve in water. The process requires special care to avoid overcooking the solution and kill all the nutrients. The juice is then passed through a strainer to remove the non-soluble parts before it kept in storage containers.

Pure fig paste has a thick consistency and a deep, brown color. The color intensity may vary depending on the extraction technique and the nature of the fruits. The paste is self-preserving and can be kept for three or more months when prepared right. It can be used to sweeten many foods, including pancakes, ice cream, and bread.

How and When to Use Fig Paste

Your jar of syrup would make a good substitute for all recipes with sugar as an ingredient. If you have an ice cream establishment, fig-flavored treats can be a healthier alternative to conventional treats. The mixture may be gooey, but it will look good spread over a bran muffin. It can also be used as a spread for bread, pancakes, and sandwiches.

Fig paste is a good binding agent for waffles and cereal bars. You can also use it as a base for puddings. It can help to add color in baked goods besides helping with the flavor. The syrup of figs can be used to ease constipation and sweeten hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Health Benefits of Fig Paste

Figs are often recommended as a natural laxative owing to their high fiber content. Dietary fiber can help with weight control. It creates feelings of fullness, leading to fewer cravings. The presence of potassium helps to regulate sodium imbalance, cutting the risk of hypertension.

The high potassium also helps in calcium reabsorption, lessening the risk of deficiency. The calcium in fig paste is also helpful in increasing bone density. Fig paste contains prebiotics, which is needed for a healthy digestive tract. In essence, a serving of fig paste will have a good balance of calories, protein, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and dietary fiber. When taken in moderate amounts, calories are a great source of energy for intense physical activity.

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